An Unabridged Birth Certificate is a computer printout showing the full information of the individual as well as the biological parents or legal guardians.

  • Birth certificate is deemed an unabridged if both parents details reflect. 

  • The BI-24 is the birth registration document, also known as the VAULT certificate, Home Affairs will not issue an unabridged birth certificate unless this VAULT document is on file at Head Office. 

  • Citizens under the age of 18 require this certificate (in addition to passports and visas) when entering or exiting South Africa

  • If your child was born after 2010 the unabridged birth certificate is printed while you wait and you would not need us to expedite it.

  • We can only assist if you have a 13 Digit South African ID number for the person who’s certificate  you are requesting.

We have two Options Available for Unabridged Birth Certificates.

Option 1:  Expedite Only

Option 2:  Full Service - Option 2 is only available to applicants living abroad.