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A Vault is a true Copy of the actual registration document completed by both parents  the day the child was born. Also known as DHA 24/BI 24

  • The details on the Unabridged Birth Certificate are taken off the Vault certificate

  • If there are no ID numbers on the Vault,  it will not reflect on the Unabridged Birth Certificate either. ​

  • If the Vault is not on file,  you can apply for a Late Registration or Notice of Birth which will become your replacement vault.

  • A Late Birth Registration can't be done when the individual is diseased. 

  • We can only assist if you have a 13 Digit South African ID number for the person whose Vault you are requesting.

  • If you do not have the 13 digit ID, refer to Search section under Info & Options.

We have two Options available for Vault Birth Records.

Option 1:  Expedite Only - You apply and collect,  we expedite.


Option 2:  Full Service -  We apply, expedite and collect.

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