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An Unabridged Marriage Certificate is a computer printout showing both partners’ details.  

  • Home Affairs use the information as completed on the marriage register

  • Unabridged Marriage Certificates are official records denoting that two people have participated in a partnership. 

  • If the Vault (marriage register) is not filed in Archives this certificate can not be finalised or printed.

  • We can only assist if you have a 13 Digit South African ID number for the person whose certificate you are requesting or in the absence of a 13 digit ID number we can assist if you have a copy of the Birth Register

  • If you have neither the ID nor the Register, refer to Search section under Info & Options

We have two Options available for Unabridged Marriage Certificates.

Option 1:  Expedite Only -  You apply and collect,  we expedite.

Option 2:  Full Service - We apply, expedite and collect.

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