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A Vault is a COPY of the Marriage Registration form, completed by the marriage officer and signed by you the day you got married.
 Also known as BI-30 or DHA-30

  • We can only assist if you have a 13 Digit South African ID number for the person whose certificate you are requesting or in the absence of a 13 digit ID number we can assist if you have a copy of the Birth Register.

  • We can search for the date of marriage if the couple never got divorced or one of them never married again.  If both parties remarried, we will not be able to find the correct date of marriage which you need.

  • If you have neither the ID nor the Register, refer to Search section under Info & Options.

We have only one Option for Marriage Vaults.

Option 1:  Expedite Only:  You apply and collect, we expedite

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